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“Prior to my hiring Somjen Law Office, I had been a client at 2 “immigration services” companies. My case had been completely mishandled by these companies. I was at a standstill in my pursuit of Permanent Resident status. I retained John Somjen to untangle the legal mess I found myself in. He set up a fresh case strategy for me and through his assistance and continuous involvement I was able to achieve Permanent Resident status for myself and my family. I have since recommended Somjen Law Office to several of my friends and co-workers”
- Ummed

“My family and I had exhausted our legal options to remain in Canada when I consulted John Somjen. Through his strategy and case preparation he was able to save the situation for us, and I am happy to say we have achieved Permanent Resident status and are on our way to becoming citizens. I continue to recommend John Somjen’s firm to others.”
- S.G.

“I very much wanted to become a Permanent Resident of Canada but had admissibility issues which prevented me from achieving my goal. I retained John Somjen to solve my situation. He instructed me to assemble some complex evidence and prepared a case which in the end lifted my inadmissibility problem. I am now a Canadian citizen and often refer others to John’s office.”
- Elmir

“I have used Somjen Law Office on a variety of personal immigration matters since 1999 to date. I unreservedly recommend John Somjen’s services for his professionalism, deep knowledge of immigration law, empathy and indefatigable effort in handling my cases.”
- Sourabh

“I am very satisfied with the Somjen Law Office’s handling of my skilled immigration file. Mr. Somjen kept me updated during the process and was always available to respond to my inquiries. In fact, he made it all clear in the beginning what we need to succeed. Thus a positive end result was achieved within the estimated time.”
- H.S.

“My wife and I retained John Somjen to handle our skilled immigration case in the Spring of 2014 and 1 year later the Canadian Embassy advised us that our Permanent Resident visas were ready. I want to thank John Somjen for his guidance and preparation throughout and allowing our case to proceed to its conclusion without any hitches.”
- Afshin





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1240 Bay Street, Suite 810, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5R 2A7
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